About Me

I’m Rachel, old soul, dreamer, brave warrior, rebel, healer, and lover of laughter.

I’m lucky to have lived by the beach my whole life. I love the salt, the sand, the sun, and the sea. Standing at the water’s edge being present transforms me every time. The Earth grounds us, heals us, and recharges us, while remaining so beautiful, diverse, and abundant for all. I will always admire Earth’s elements and magic because we are made of those same elements and magic. 

We never stop learning. I’ve added quite a few tools to my toolbox through the pain and growth of my challenges. Teaching what I’ve learned and what I am learning means that other people gain tools to heal. As one heals, we all heal. 

Choosing to stay stuck is a choice. Choosing to get unstuck is a choice. Each choice we make gets us more stuck or more unstuck. The thing is that we have to just start somewhere and make the choices one at a time. Discipline turns to hope then momentum then excitement then motivation then inspiration then joy. 

My partner Lazaro is my favorite person, the love of my life, my best friend, and my hero. He’s the strongest person I know. We love going on adrenaline adventures, especially in the mountains! The memories we have made are pure gold. The laughter we share is one of the best things about my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for my amazing teammate. 

I look to the future with excitement because it is full of healing, growth, learning, evolving, laughter, and most importantly, love. The magic is raining glitter on us, it’s time to wake up and dance already! 

I’m Rachel Greene, old soul, dreamer, brave warrior, rebel, healer, and lover of laughter. 

I was born and raised in Suffolk, VA in Hampton Roads and this area is still my home. I am so grateful to live near the beach and I spend time there in all seasons. I love the smell of salt in the breeze, the sand between my toes, and the sun basking me in light and vitamin D. Standing at the water’s edge getting my feet buried in the sand is one of the best feelings in the world. I love the rhythm yet frenzied chaos of the water rushing back to the sea. The sound of the waves crashing is so soothing and energizing. Sitting on the sand is where I do some of my best writing. I love tapping into nature’s ocean of thoughts and wisdom. Looking out at the horizon reminds me how big, beautiful, and amazing the world is. The Earth heals and recharges us, grounding us by absorbing negative energy. I love to stroll along the beach collecting shells, feathers, and treasures. Sometimes I get so lost in my thoughts I don’t even realize how far I’ve walked!

You can regularly catch me admiring the sunrise, sunset, and the beautiful moon. I am forever fascinated by the sheer number of different plants, animals, and colors that are here on Earth. I will always be in awe of the variety and I hope I get to see them all. Taking time to slow down, appreciate the beauty around us, and show gratitude is healing in itself. I enjoy watching plants grow and I have many houseplants but if you were to ask the dead ones about my green thumb, they would probably give you a brown middle finger! They don’t deter me! I am an illuminator shining light on problems and answers. I love the garden analogy of illuminating which seeds to water and which weeds to pluck. There are many qualities that we can learn from plants – resilience, flowing with the seasons, and joy. 

My childhood was a chaotic blur of different challenges that I had to face. My parents argued until they got divorced when I was 8 years old. This lack of stability and peace in our home was not an optimal environment to thrive in, quite the opposite actually. The new relationships they chose were unhealthy and destructive for various reasons. The storm of anger and rebellion brewing inside me threatened to tear me in half until eventually, I had to release some pressure. My first priority was making sure I looked like the rebel I was so I chopped off my hair from my waist to my jaw, dyed it black, and added lots of piercings. I didn’t give a shit what anybody thought and I wanted my appearance to convey this very clearly. My goals for this phase of my life were to ignore, numb, and rebel against the problems in my life and that’s what I did. It’s easy for me to imagine how dark my life would be now if I continued down that path. I had everything I needed: a list of reasons to justify why I was a victim, a crowd that continued to drag me further into the darkness, and a smartass mouth to fend off any opportunities to choose better. Does any of this sound familiar to you? We can all make a list of how and why it would be easy for us to stay stuck. Would it have been nice to have had a guide to show me the light during my darkest moments? Yes, of course, but I overcame those challenges anyway. For me, when I peel back all of those excuses, that’s not who I want to BE. I want to be a person who: sets a good example, shares what I’ve learned, and chooses joy no matter how many reasons exist not to. I choose the good. I believe in the good. I amplify the good by helping others discover their own power, confidence, and motivation. 

I’ve been a passionate reader since I was very young. I’ve read many books ranging from mysteries to romance novels to non-fiction; however, my favorite books are those that teach, inspire, or challenge me. I value quiet time tremendously because it gives me time to read or write. I hope to write my own book one day to share the story of my life and my journey.

I have lived with my life partner, Lazaro, for the past five years. I couldn’t be more grateful that our paths intertwined and we found each other. Not only is he the love of my life, my favorite person, and my best friend but he is also my hero. He is my hero because he is the strongest person I know, inside and out. Healing can be ugly and messy and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his love and support. 

Lazaro and I love the mountains. Our favorite escape is an adventure-filled weekend in nature. The mountains never cease to leave me awestruck with their size, wilderness, and amazing views. Going to the mountains always humbles me, reminding me that I am very small and young compared to this Earth. Lazaro and I have been to the mountains many times now and we always have a blast! Each adventure is different. We have driven off-road vehicles, gone zip-lining and we have been white water rafting multiple times. One of my favorite moments was when Lazaro almost got bounced out of the raft like a little kernel of popcorn! We have been hiking and gotten lost more than once! We also go panning for gems and crystals because I don’t want to lose touch with my inner child. 

I’m so lucky to have such an amazing teammate and cheerleader. Lazaro’s love for me is my greatest source of strength, encouragement, and confidence. The laughter we share is one of the best things about my life. I like to find humor in situations around me; taking life too seriously means missing out on laughter. I believe that finding humor is important because it allows us to take a deep breath, recharge, look at the big picture, and refocus. My friends and clients expect this from me and you can too. Making progress is fun, we should laugh and bask in the light. 

I am on my own journey of asking for help, choosing the good, finding laughter, and cultivating a thriving garden. Will you join me?